About Us

Bonzi is an on-demand incentivized recruitment and placement service platform. Our platform allows the public to participate as a recruiter and provide candidate referrals based on the companies’ set parameters. Bonzi’s initial target market is the approximately $12 billion direct hire industry in the United States. Our platform creates efficiencies in the recruitment cycle by pairing companies directly with Bonzi recruiters and increases the trusted referral network of qualified candidates.

Who uses the platform?


People who want to earn on their own time and monetize their personal network should join the Bonzi network. All you need is a personal network, or the drive to build one, to start earning. Enjoy the freedom of working on your own time and from any place in the world you want. We do not set requirements on who can join the network but there is a rating and compensation system that will encourage the best work you are capable of!


Companies can post open employment positions and set referral criteria allowing let’s say (4 star recruiters or higher (yes we have a rating system), recruiters within a geographic region, or employees who work for their own company to make referrals. Based on that criteria companies can set a limit of referrals. Bonzi is larger than any other recruiting network through our expansive use people serving as recruiters on our network.


If you are a candidate looking for positions then sign up for the Bonzi platform. Let the incentivized recruiter connect you to the job you desire!

Problems we are solving

Hiring Needs

Businesses struggle with identifying quality candidates, long lead times, pressure to fill open positions, managing job postings, and spending time on the “non-hiring” task. We provide the most expansive referral network filter that allows a company to decide where referrals are coming from.

Direct Recruiting Costs

We do not charge a fee to post jobs on our platform. This will allow companies to simultaneously recruit the traditional way through agencies and utilize our platform to build trust and show it works.

Reduced Turnover

By hiring through referrals and utilizing a cultural fit algorithm we can better match candidates to employers and reduce the cost of turnover.

Gap Between Candidates and Employers

Although unemployment hovers around record lows almost 50% of U.S. employers are struggling to fill jobs. We create a more connected network of employers to candidates that will help fill specific job needs resulting in better long-term placement.